Bingo guarantees a fun and relaxed gaming experience. It doesn't require special knowledge and is suitable for beginners. It attracts players of all ages. The aim of this game is to cover as quickly as possible all 24 numbers on the card, except the central one, which is number 25. This is the card’s serial number.

Before the final Superbingo session, where all 24 numbers must be covered, the player also takes part in three other sessions - the goal is to cover as soon as possible the numbers on your card, as shown below.

Although Bingo is a simple game, you might find the following information useful.

Winning combinations in the single games

1st Bingo game: all four corners € 40
2nd Bingo game: any straight line: € 60
3rd Bingo game: letter A € 80
4th Bingo game: Super Bingo* € 10,000

You win the Super Bingo by covering all the numbered fields before or just as the 50th number has been drawn. If there is no winner, the game continues and the wins are as follows:

If you are the first to get a winning combination, you must immediately let the game manager know at loud voice. If there is more than one winner, the wins are split in equal parts.

Super Bingo prizes:
Up to No. 50: € 10,000
No. 51: € 2,500
No. 52: € 1,500
No. 53: € 700
No. 54: € 300
Numbers from there on: € 170

Playing card: € 5

Bingo timetable:
Saturdays: 10pm
Sundays: 8pm