The Kozjak Waterfall

A charming forest a good half an hour walk from Kobarid hides one of the country’s most enchanting waterfalls - Veliki Kozjak. It is the highest and most popular waterfall in Kobarid. High beneath Krnčica there are six waterfalls coming down from different gorges, but only two of them are accessible for visitors; the 15-meter-high Veliki Kozjak and the 10-meter-high Mali Kozjak. The Kozjak Brook has carved in gorges and the rock barriers have formed the Kozjak Waterfalls. The Veliki Kozjak Waterfall is one of the greatest attractions in Kobarid, being the most easily accessible for visitors of all ages and families with children. It is located in a dark hall and its bottom is flooded with a blue-green pool.